Cable for Plug-n-Play dashcam installation

  • $29.00

Note: this item compatible only with USA Mazda cars equipped with Home Link (with 10 pin connector):

 Cable for powering dashcam from the rearview mirror (using 10 pin connector). It can be used with any 12V dash camera. DC plug OD 3.5mm / ID 1.8mm (for BlackVue ) or USB port 5V/3A

DC plug is not compatible with cameras using 3 contacts, like the BlackVue X series.

Both options are available with a battery monitor or without.

Without the battery monitor, the Power source is the ACC line.

Another option Constant power with the battery monitor, to avoid deep battery discharge. This option will enable Parking Mode recording. Battery voltage cutout 12.1V - 12.4V, depends on the external temperature.

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