5X Racing Miata/MX-5 door bushings

  • $45.00

This innovative product from 5X Racing replaces the OEM soft rubber door bushings with far superior machined oil-impregnated Nylatron plastic, which is a very high-tech plastic that has a high-lubricity.

  • Fits 1990-2005 Miata NA/NB, 2005-2015 MX-5 NC, and 2016-2019 MX-5 ND. NOTE: Sometime around the release of the 30th anniversary edition orange MX-5, Mazda retooled the door bushing receiver cups and they are ever so slightly tighter, which will cause the bushings to be too tight.
  • Sold as a pair (every Miata has two)
  • Green color (with waves of dark coloring where the oil is)
  • 4 - zinc yellow-chromate plated 10mm bolts included (for corrosion resistance in wet environments)
  • CAD designed from the ground up in-house at 5XR
  • Made in the USA