Roof controller with key fob intermittent problem

  • Hi. I recently installed the ACC/IG ignition unit, the window and roof controller for my new ND2. Works fine, usually. However, I found when opening the roof with the key fob occasionally it only goes half way and I get the "roof controller malfunction". Coincident with this is that the window on the right (non driver) side will not operate. I can close the roof but the malfunction remains and the left window is down and cannot be rolled up. This does not happen all the time. But I can reproduce it. When the malfunction is present I can reset it by disconnecting the battery, waiting 10 mins and everything then works fine. Seems like if I use the internal switch this does not happen. When the fault is present the back half of the roof opens but the roof itself and the retaining clasp do not move. Any ideas what may be wrong? As noted vehicle is new. Do not want to ask Dealer as they will (I assume) blame the MX-5 things units. Thanks. 


  • This issue is most likely related to the window controller. When windows are not functioning properly, the roof controller will stop and show error. Please send an email to

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