Modifying the windows controller key fob control cable harness for RHD use

  • Hey there. I recently picked up the windows controller for RF (with the control cable in a single kit) for my 2022 RF GT RS. I live in Australia and didn't think to check if that version of the control cable worked for RHD vehicles. From reading a couple of posts here it seems like the recommended thing to do for RHD vehicles is to order the control cable separately with Posi-Tap connectors.

    Since I've already got the harness version of the cable, I thought it would be nice to try and modify the harness to suit my car. I'd kind of prefer a nice clean harness install over using Post-Taps anyway.

    I haven't yet looked at which version of the harness my car uses (2 wire or 3 wire), but if I have the 3 wire version, then I'm assuming I'd need to move a couple of pins, and add an extra pin? Is there perhaps somewhere online I can order one of the connectors to salvage for parts? Even knowing the model number of the connector might help.

    Thanks in advance 👍

  • If you got a cable with 12-pin connectors, it must be made for RHD with 2 wires version.  Check your connector before installation. We ship to RHD country modified cables. It is easy to move pins around. We start adding extra wire to the kit, but we are not sure if you got it.

  • Okay, no worries, thanks for the info. I'll comment back here once I've check what connector the car has. In any case, this is the harness I recieved:

    Australian-delivered windows controller key fob control cable

  • Okay, I've had a look at the connector on my car, and while it has the correct number of pins, it seems to be the mirror image of what I need:

    Mismatched key fob control cable harness

    This makes me wonder if I made a mistake by trying to install the controller in the driver's side (right hand) door? The instructions do show the left hand door, but I just assumed it would need to be the driver's door for access to both the driver and passenger window controls?

    Assuming I have the correct door, I suppose all I need to do is rearrange some pins to match the OEM harness. Do I need a special tool for that?

    I tried to take some other photos to show the configuration of my OEM harness:

    Mismatched key fob control cable harnessMismatched key fob control cable harnessMismatched key fob control cable harnessMismatched key fob control cable harness

    Thanks for your help 👍

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