Roof not operating w/ key fob - ACC/IG, Automatic roll up windows w/ key fob support, roof controller all installed

  • 2021 RF GT

    Installed ACC/IG + Roof Controler + Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller with key fob support.

    Most things work as expected.

    • Radio stays on after turning off car / turns off when door opened.
    • Windows roll up with a single pull on the driver-side inside controls.
    • Roof goes up/down with a single click on the inside controls (reversed from factory).
    • Key fob opens and closes windows with 2x click

    However 1 key feature is not working........

    • Key fob does NOT control the roof (will not open or close roof w/ 3 clicks)

    I have tried both key fobs as well as the "reprograming" suggested in another post (w/ roof down disconnect battery for 5 min. Reconnect. single click unlock. from internal roof switch raise and then lower roof.  Then tried key fobs to raise/lock - windows went up on click 2 but no roof action on click 3.

    The only reason I bought the roof controller was  so I could operate w/ my key fob.  I had a smart top that gave me all of the same functionality as this with the exception of the key fob control.  Decided to switch it out since I already had the ACC/IG, and the window w/ key fob support mods from MX5 Things already installed so I could open/close my roof with my key fobs.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated.

  • @ken chambers are you sure that you have ACC/IG controller, not a previous version ACC only?

    ACC only has 6 pin Molex connector

    ACC/IG has 8 pin Molex connector

  • @mx5things not sure. I ordered that through cravenspeed. I assume it is your product because their installation instructions look like they were created by you.  Here is a link to what I ordered. I ordered it at the very end of December 2021.

    How can I tell which one it is???

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