Roof Controller odd issue

  • Having a very weird issue with my RFC v2 controller.

    Every so often, while I am driving, I get a warning that my roof has malfunctioned. The error immediately goes away and the roof continues to operate as expected.

    I have had it pop up twice in a single drive. I have no idea if a bump triggers it or what, but it seems to have started happening more frequently as it has gotten hotter outside.

    I have had my RFC installed for 4 months.

    Anyone seen this before or have any tips? I don't want to leave it be and find out that my RFC is slowly damaging my car.

  • this error message will show up if communication over the CAN bus was lost for a short period of time for some reason. It could be due to bad contacts. It is nothing harmful to the car, just a warning of the bad connection.

    RFC module does not have any connection with mechanics, just handling button activation and pass-through CAN data. The instrument cluster expects a response from the roof controller every 10 ms, if one message is missing, it will report a malfunction. It will clear up if communication is restored.

  • @mx5things Thank you for the reply. As soon as I am able to I will open the flap back up and check my connections.

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