What are the various components associated with the RF Roof and windows?

  • Hi, Sergey.

    Been loving all the products that I've received from you. Finally dropped by the miata.net forums and saw that you've been busy again with new toys! (you should let existing customers know about your new wares).

    I have the SmartTop module on my 2019 RF and love it, EXCEPT for the fact that it does not have a remote control and it does nothing for the windows. I've read your product descriptions and the huge thread on miata.net. Now I'm excited about being able to get these new features, but I'm confused by the various components you offer:

    • Roof Controller
    • Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller
    • Optional Key-Fob control cable for Windows Controller
    • ACC/IG power controller

    Could you please briefly explain what each of these does and do I need them all if I want to replace my SmartTop and also control the roof and windows remotely? Also, do I use my original remote for these functions or is there a secondary remote that I would have to carry along with the original?


  • RFC module has the same functionality as SmartTop, but it can also listen to key fob commands.

    Because the roof mechanism will not work without Ignition power turned on, an additional module is required - ACC/IG power controller. RFC module will recognize double (or triple) click on the key fob and will send a request to ACC/IG to turn the power on for the duration of roof cycle.

    In US cars, after the operation with the roof windows leaving a one-inch gap, the Windows controller will close it. For EU cars it is not required, but it will give the ability to open windows remotely and one-touch auto-up for both windows.  You can also assign different options for each car key.

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