Key fob not working with ACC/IG & Roof Controller

  • I installed the ACC/IG module & Roof Controller module. I noticed that the radio stays on after turning off the engine, so it appears the ACC/IG unit works. The Roof Controller- one touch system works when I use the interior roof toggle, but when I go to use the Key Fob to lock/close the roof & unlock/open the roof,  it doesn't respond. I've replaced both units twice and still doesn't function with the key fob. Hmmm?

  • @mx5things   I found the issue with my question above. Key fob #1 works! Key fob #2 doesn't work.
    New question: Why doesn't Key fob #2 work? I programmed them excatly the same in the dashboard (Version 1.2).

  • @CARLOS MARTINEZ This is still a mystery. I have one more customer with the same issue. I can only speculate that it produces a different CAN message, which I'm not aware yet.

    For programming, it is essential to start with the roof down.  To reset everything, first, disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. Reconnect battery. One-click Unlock. Using the internal switch, raise and open the roof again. Only after this try to lock with double(triple clicks)

  • @mx5things  I'll give it a try and see if key fob #2 works. I'll keep you posted. 

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