ACC/IG POWER CONTROLLER: Keyless System Malfunction.

  • Hi everyone,

    I tried to install my acc/ig power controller today without success. 

    I disconnected the battery, installed the module, reconnected the battery and it gives me a keyless system malfunction error on the dash. Most of the accessories seem to be functioning, I can do things like unlock and lock the doors but I cannot start the car.

    After exhausting all my options like trying to start the car in emergency mode without success I removed the module and plugged the original cable back in. Car seemed to work fine without the module. 

    Has anybody run into this issue? The issue seems to be the module itself.

  • it is probably an issue with the harness, bad crimping on double wires. Please request replcement.

  • @mx5things Thanks for the prompt response. Not sure how you do replacements. Is there a specific contact method?

  • @John Chea just send an email to, with your order number.

  • Same problem for me after 10 Months working well. My car dashboard is like a Christmas tree!!! 
    I buyed the roof controller bundle from , shall I wrote to you for the replacement? Thank you 

  • Not sure if anyone is still having this issue, but I tried zip tying the harness tightly against the main c18/19 harness and it seemed to fix my problem. My car was having every sort of system malfunction such as keyless system, blind spot monitoring, lane assist, forward sensing, etc. now it starts up just fine. I just have to test and see if the acc/ig harness now actually does what it's supposed to. Here is a picture of what I did to fix the problem. Acc/ig harness malfunction fix

  • Edit: car turns on but the acc/ig cable does not keep the radio on after the ignition is turned off. Also does not open/close my top with the key fob

  • @Joseph Shin Radio will stay on, only if you start the engine before testing and turned off. During a normal driving scenario.

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