Headlight parking light as DRL

  • I currently have the "fang" DRL lights in the lower bumper, but don't care for how they look.  Instead I prefer the "pupil" parking light in the inner corner of the headlights, but in order to turn them on requires the rest of the parking lights to be on and the interior lighting dimmed.

    Could there be a harness that abandons the fang DRLs, but turns on just the headlight parking lights as the new DRLs?  I would want to keep the full parking light setting functioning as well so that it functions like OEM when operating from the headlight controlls.

  • It would seem to me that you don't need a harness for this, really.  You could add a diode to the wiring from the DRL 'fangs' and then splice the wiring into the wires for the 'pupils' in the headlights.

    I am planning something similar, but adding halos around the projector beams to serve as DRLs. I will do this when I add Verus Engineering's front brake ducts (which take the place of the DRL fangs. 

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