Roof, auto windows, ACC and DRL Harness Install

  • Got my first Miata and half the fun is personalizing with Mods.  Found MX5THINGS on YouTube and decided to order the auto roof, auto windows controller, ACC Harness and of course the DRL harness.

    i started with the windows mod because that seamed the most work involved and had greatest potential of getting the door panel scratched or not reattached as it was.

    However, the door panel came off pretty easily and the plug and play was super easy. Unfortunately, one of the wires in the harness has reversed but Sergey responded to my request for technical support within like an hour and provided me a solution to complete the install. If it wasn't for that one wire which was a supplier issue, the install went quickly and worked as it should.  Added bonus, panel went back on as it should without any marks. :)

    Next the DRL and the ACC harness. These looked pretty simple but my concern was accessiblity. I am 6'2 and not as flexible as I used to be. Nonetheless, the DRL was super easy and I think I was done in 15 min. The ACC harness required a little more flexibility but if you keep the image of the existing harness you are looking for under steering column in your head, it's easy to spot what needs to be done. The only thing I did differently from instructions to make it easier for me was that I wiggled the existing wire harness off the metal hanger that holds it in place so I could get a better angle to disconnect harness and plug in the ACC harness. Then I clipped it back onto the metal hanger.  It takes a bit of prying and wiggling but it comes off.  Uncomfortable yes, but super easy. Probably a 10 min install.

    then came the roof module install. Again super easy. I thought it was going to take the longest because it was the most rewarding lol. However, I want to say maybe 20 min total for install? The only additions to the install I made to make it easier was that I also removed the plastic trim for the drivers side roll bar headrest and the trim below it. It just snaps off. Just do it slowly but with some strength and it pops off. 

    the install videos talk a lot about how difficult and in accessible it is to reach the harness plugs that need to be replaced with module harness. However, if you remove the extra trim I mentioned, that whole panel pretty much moves away and provide much easier access than what video shows. I was worried that those pieces wouldn't go back on as they did and maybe that's why it wasn't recommended but again, everything snapped back on as it was without and damage.


    overall, I took on all 4 mods installs at once and with the exception of the one wire, all the installs were extremely easy and not time consuming as I had prepared myself for.

    Again, Sergey provided excellent and timely technical support and even had patience with my user error not understanding how the settings operated and he explained them and I realized it was me, not the mods :)

    Will be keeping an eye out for future mods!

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