RF Roof controller/window controller

  • I've recently got a RF malfunction show up on my dash, tried updating the rf controller, checking connections, etc. And everything seems to be properly connected. My roof is stuck in the closed postion currently and will not open with key fob/button on dash. I've also realized since this has happened as well, my double click on the key fob to roll the windows up, the driver side window only closes about 90% shut, and I have to double click the lock button again for it to roll all the way up.

  • I experienced this same thing the other day. I remember hearing a louder thn normal "clunk" a few days earlier when closing/putting up the hard top. Yesterday I got in the car and the digital gauge cluster has been taken over by a yellow alert triangle /!\ and the warning about the RF Roof Malfunction. The roof up/down button in the control cluster is lit up but the roof does not respond to presses. It is stuck in the closed position.


    Please help me out with troubleshooting. I have a lease and I know they will blame the Roof Controller mod for the failure. I'd like to try to get it working without having to remove the entire roof mod before taking in to the dealer for service.

  • @Greg Lee did you try to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes? It is possible that the issue is not related to your installation, but the only way to find out is to remove it first.

  • @mx5things  Thank you for the quick reply! I'll give it a shot and post my results.

  • @mx5things  Dude! That did it. Thanks a million. You guys are the best!

  • I tried the same solution, and didn't happen to work for me :(

    Ecu indeed did reset, left battery disconnected for almost an hour, mileage/mpg trip reset, and still have the roof malfunction showing...

  • @Tyler  did you ever figure yours out?

  • Having the same issue and the fix did not work. Still having a malfunction error. Even had a replacement unit/harness sent but no luck. Anyone know what the issue might be?

  • @Joseph Shin I still have not gotten it fixed up until this point, partially haven't pursued it over the winter/spring/fall Midwest weather we get throughout oct-may. I hope Sergei will reach back out to me now that it's been almost half a year since I've initially purchased it. I believe it has something to do with the v1 window controller since I have an issue where one window rolls up all the way and the other hangs about 2-3" down as it should, so the roof can then function close via remote. My roof malfunction completely disabled roof function in total until I removed the roof top module even with the replacement still the same. I wonder if I could get the v2 window controller free of charge since that is malfunctioning causing issues. 

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