ND2 B00D5:01 indicator error after ND1 seats & indicator panel install.

  • Hello there!

    I have a project here and need some help. Guys from FB gave me a link to this website and said that the owner is super cool and experienced in MX5 ND mods.

    So the story is:
    I am modifying the indicators panel (with the seat heater buttons) and need to see it's inside, the circuit board from ND2 (2019+).

    Long story short: I installed in my ND2 the seats with heaters from ND1 and swapped the indicator panel to have seats warmer buttons. But it seams that ND2 don't like ND1 panel (error "indicator missing") and I am trying to figure out, what is the difference besides the chip programming and the seat warmers control block, as the boards looks exactly the same.

    I got ND2 Sport edition without heated leather seats. So I put leather seats from old ND1 and added an indicator panel with the seat heater buttons. It works, but ECU don't like the panel, it miss some "air bag indicator" (error code B00D5:01). While both indicator panels, ND2 & ND1 have identical circuit boards, the reason probably only in some missed resistors on the board.

    I also saw that ND1 panel connector miss two wires that ND2 have, but I don't have ND2 wiring scheme to understand where they are going.

    So I will be glad for any photos of the circuit board of this panel.
    Or ND2 indicator panel wiring.
    Or any other advice how to get rid of that error.

    Thank you!

  • here is a diagram of the ND2 module RF-indicator.pdf

  • did you try just reset this error?

  • @mx5things yes, I tried, but it do the self-test on power on and error appear again.

    Thank you for wiring. I see now that the wires I have in ND2 and whiched missed in ND1 indicator unit connector are used only by the hardtop. So the reason in somewhere else on a board.

  • @mx5things may I ask you also for 0922-1a wiring section? I see that some LEDs, which I assume are related to the PAD system, connected diferently. Maybe the instrument cluster in ND1 don't control them directly and you some on-chip way to control, and in ND2 that was changed.

  • Okay, that is the issue. There is a difference in responce/resistance in ND1 & ND2 indicator units. And maybe that line activation to the LEDs will solve it.

  • @Roman Kupalov here is https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0014/3779/4419/files/p92.pdf?v=1631730006

  • So instrumental cluster wiring is the same as in ND1 and as I undestood, the difference is in indicators panel and (probably) in dashboard  programming.

    First of all I soldered two bridges and that returned PASSANGER AIRBAG OFF LED control to instrumental cluster (it was controlled by ND1 indicator panel chip before, but not by ND2 panel chip). But that did not solve PAD indicator error.

    I switched the panels and tried to measure and compare the resistance on E & J indicator panel terminals under the load (without connection to the car there was inf. resistance on all terminals). And I found, that on ND2 indicators panel there is 1 kOhm resistance between E & J ! So I added a 1 kOhm resistor and... it works! Now all the indicators are functional, seat heater buttons works and no errors.

    I think all this can be achived without swapping the chip etc, maybe it will be enought only to add a resistor to the ND1 indicators panel to make it working with ND2 instrumental cluster and all (or most) of the indicators will work the same way.

    @mx5things thanks again for the schemes! I would go so far without it.

  • Update.

    I replaced a cluster, put UK cluster with full-graphical display and copied as-build data to it. And It cause B00D5:-01-8A error after all.
    So in short - US cluster need to have US indicators panel, and with UK/EU cluster the indicators panel should be also for EU version to avoid this error.

    Update2: Nope, error appear again. The problem is somewhere else, maybe in as-built data.

    Update3: Finaly! It was in as-built data, EU cluster + EU indicators panel (without any mods) required region change from US to EU to get rid of the  B00D5:01-8A error.
    As-built IC, 720-01-01 b3b3b1 from 010 (USA) to 001 (EU).

    I also changed two more lines in 4th block for Auto A/C (720-04-22 b6b5 01 > 10) and Seat Warmer (720-04-26 b1b0 00 > 01), but without region change it had zero effect, so it ay be not important at all.

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