Acrylic Wind Blocker with logo options for Blackbird Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar

  • I love the customized wind blocker I bought for my 2016 ND soft-top.  Planning to install a Blackbird Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar, but can't see a way to secure the existing blocker in the much-wider gap.  The factory blocker appears to work, but it does not need side support.  Plus it looks funny with nothing nearby!

    What would be involved in laser-cutting a new size acrylic panel with straps at the edges and pegs to fit the factory mount points?

  • I have a version for the HardDog roll bar, not sure if it will be the same for Fabworx. In any case, you can make a template from cardboard and I can make a new design of acrylic.

  • Thanks Sergey!

    I haven't even ordered the bar yet, but I am happy to know you have me covered.  I don't think I'll want as much coverage as the one pictured, probably just between the diagonals with the original height profile.  Will I be able to get a custom logo?  (same artwork as before)

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