Shrink it - SiriusXM Sharkfin

  • Does this antenna housing really need to be so large?  My previous car had a roof mounted SiriusXM antenna that was approximately 2.5" Square and maybe .5" High.  That car also had Navigation/GPS.

    I would love to eliminate the Sharkfin Antenna in lieu of a SiriusXM antenna cover that's much less conspicuous.  Since we have the whip antenna, i assume the Sharkfin only serves SiriusXM and possibly GPS.

    Some people are bothered by the whip antenna and replace it with the short version.  Some people are bothered by the passenger's airbag light in the center console and replace it with the decorative cover.  Me, i hate the Sharkfin antenna.

    My request, a replacement for the Sharkfin antenna housing. Please!!! :) 



  • This antenna is only for SiriusXM radio. Because it is body color, will be hard to match paint for an alternative solution. To completely remove best option will be to use a trunk lid from MX-5 Sport trim, which doesn't have it.

  • @mx5things 

    Thanks.  I thought about that.  My thought was to simply paint the part black, wrap it in vinyl or have it painted along with a trunk spoiler.  

    My MX5 is Polymetal Gray Metallic so a dark colored cover would not stand out.

    Replacing the trunk lid would mean loosing SiriusXM which i actually use.

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