Miata RF remote trigger top up or down using key fob?

  • Hi,


    I recently joined the forum and was also going through the blog post and see you guys are doing lot of cool stuff with miatas. I have also seen that you bought a miata RF recently. 

    I have an RF and was wonder if its possible to trigger the roof with remote. I approached smartTop if its possible for miata RF but was replied that due to technical difficulties Miata's smartTop cant achieve the functionality.

    Do you guys have this in mind as a future project for your RF?

    NOTE: if I am not following proper format to post in the forum, Please let me know.


    Thank you


  • @Ravi YANAMALA yes, I'm working on such project, but can't say yet if it will work or not. It will be our version of SmartTop.

  • @mx5things great to hear that!! thank you!!

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