Miata RF remote trigger top up or down using key fob?

  • Hi,


    I recently joined the forum and was also going through the blog post and see you guys are doing lot of cool stuff with miatas. I have also seen that you bought a miata RF recently. 

    I have an RF and was wonder if its possible to trigger the roof with remote. I approached smartTop if its possible for miata RF but was replied that due to technical difficulties Miata's smartTop cant achieve the functionality.

    Do you guys have this in mind as a future project for your RF?

    NOTE: if I am not following proper format to post in the forum, Please let me know.


    Thank you


  • @Ravi YANAMALA yes, I'm working on such project, but can't say yet if it will work or not. It will be our version of SmartTop.

  • @mx5things great to hear that!! thank you!!

  • I would like to be able to use the remote fob to open the top and lower both windows.  This would help larger folks get in and out of the car in tight spots, amongst other things.

  • Hey, juust wanted to check if this is still in works, any rough estimates or discontinued?

  • @Ravi Yanamala work in progress, you can sign up for notification here Roof controller for Mazda MX-5 RF – MX5things

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