ETA on dash cam adapters with battery monitor?

  • I know many of the products out of stck have listed ETAs.  This one doesn't.  Any chance any would be in stock soon (looking for 12v connection for my Blackvue.

    thx in advance!

  • I'm not sure yet. I need to order a new assembly, which usually takes one month, maybe next week I will order it.

    The new version from BlackVue 750X has an integrated power monitor, all we need is just to solder their cable to our harness.

  • yep I've got the dr900x-2channel with the same so that would be perfect ! 


  • @Brad Ridgway X-series has a different power connector, with 3 contacts for Bat+. ACC and GND. It is hard to find, if you ship us your cable we can assemble the harness, or we can ship the harness with 3 ends, you can solder it yourself.

    Cable for BlackVue X-series

  • @mx5things will do.  Assuming I can just ship to return addrsss on my latest shipment ? 

  • @Brad Ridgway we have 2 locations, please ship to:

    MX5things, 140 B st, ste 6A, Davis CA 95616

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