Help needed to install ACC power controller

  • I'm having trouble installing the ACC power controller in my 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF. I'm following the instructions that were provided, but the part that I'm having trouble with is releasing the C-18 and C-19 connectors from their shared plastic housing so that I can then connect the ACC power controller between the C-19 connector and the socket in the plastic housing. I see in the instructions that to access the C-19 retaining clip, C-18 must be removed first. But how exactly can C-18 be removed? Is there a tab or release button that needs to be depressed to release C-18 connector? If so, where is this tab or release button?

    I've attached a photo of the housing that I took while lying on my back beneath the instrument cluster. Can someone help give a little more information on how I can remove the C-18 connector? Can the C-18 connector be removed just by gently tugging it from the socket (without pressing a tab or release button on the connector)?


    Any help is appreciated -- thanks!


  • ACC power controller has exact same connectors, please review on it, how this locking tab works. You need to press it with a flat screwdriver and pull.

  • Thanks, what I didn't realize is that the release tab is on the right side of the C-18 connector in this photo (I thought I had to awkwardly angle the screwdriver to push in from the left side of C-18, in between the C-18 and C-19 connectors), so pushing in the tab using a flat-head screwdriver from the right side of C-18 allowed me to release it.

    I was able to successfully install the ACC power controller after that, thanks!

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