LED Harness - 4 vs 6 ohm

  • I u derstand that for non-US cars (e.g., cars in Japan), a harness with with a resistor is needed. However,, what would be the reasoning to choose 4 vs 6 ohms for the harness you sell? It seems the 6 is more often recommenced. Also I saw someone on another forum mention 33 ohm/100W as it worked well and was cooler?


    edit: thank you very much for the detailed response!

  • Resistors used to compensate for loss of power with LED replacement. OEM configuration is 27W+5W+27W = 59W for US cars and 21W+5W+27W for the EU.Typical power for LED bulb 3-5W. Side markers could be 1-2W, if you replace all 3 - it will be 3+1+3 = 7W in the worst case scenario.  You will need to compensate for 50W of power loss, to prevent hyperflashing.

    Resistor 6 Ohm will compensate about 30W (at 13.5 voltage)

    Resistor 4 Ohm will compensate about 45W

    Resistor 33 Ohm - only 5.5 W, which makes no sense, unless you need to compensate for very little difference.

    Selecting 4 or 6 depends what kind of LED you are going to use. Specs should have power consumption and you can calculate total power.

    I have a blog, explaining how it works in Mazda. fixing-hyper-flashing-with-leds

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