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  • I have fitted the unit. It worked for a short while, but then I started getting problems with not being able to manually operate the windows & the RH window not closing. I was sent the wrong LHD unit (key-fob version) and tried the controller from that package. It did the same, I couldn't get the manual switches to work. I did the open window, close window, starting with the RH drivers window, but noting. Am I doing something wrong, please?

  • @Phil Baugh Please remove Key-Fob control harness and check how it works without it.

  • @mx5things I already did, but I didn't disconnect the battery, would that cause a problem. Do you need to disconnect the battery to clear something or other? I noticed another wire on the key fob harness was wrong, so I will also try moving the wire in the harness & see?

  • @Phil Baugh You can disconnect connector from the switch, it will have same effect as disconnecting battery. After this you will have to manualy recalibrate windows.

    What is the wrong wire?

  • My plug is like this.

  • This harness wire marked with the pin needs to be moved up one position.

  • Then everything should be correctly wired. I will try again tomorrow. Very disappointed. I just want everything working properly, but I get windows not responding, or going down when they shouldn't. The ACC power controller disabled the car completely too. It's not been an easy journey, but I'm trying to get it all working. I'm prepared to persevere!

  • @Phil Baugh Could you check first if evrything working without this cable? 

  • I have. It does NOT work without the key fob cable with either of the 2 modules I have tried. Did you have a bad batch, because another person had the same problems & posted on YouTube?

  • @Phil Baugh We had problems with the very first batch, but this one 100% tested and no returns, key fob cable however has issues with connectors, now we are only supplying the Posi-Tap version.

    Key-Fob cable is optional, device should work without it (same device for LHD and RHD). If you can't control windows manually, the issue is probably with connectors on the main harness,  or switch need power reset, so far no reports with this problem, but it could happen.

  • Connectors on main harness not making a good connection? I will check with a continuity meter tomorrow.

    How do I do a power reset?

  • Power reset by unplugging both cables from main harness, for 20 sec at least

  • Main harness has been unplugged for hours, back to original wiring, so I'll try again tomorrow & let you know. I can't sort the pins out on the key fob harness. The one side just will not come out, but I can't source the Posi-Tap locally. ML&S in UK don't seem to have them?

  • @Phil Baugh I can ship cable with Posi-Tap, but module should work without it first

  • Ok I'll try without tomorrow & let you know 

  • I'm getting all these issues 

  • Windows controller works until you lower the windows manually.  Then the RH window won't go up when you close the top.

    I also tried a replacement ACC power lead.  The radio continued working, but I could only start the car with direct key contact and the car would not lock!

    I'm sending it all back, nothing works with my 2020 RHD car.

  • @Phil Baugh I can ship replacment for both, just send your shipping address to

  • Are you sure these products are compatible with a 2020 UK RHD MX-5?

  • @Phil Baugh there are no issues with compatibilty 2020 UK RHD or any other RHD cars

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