Modification for 124Spider rear fog

  • Hello,

    Id like some type of modification to make these lights functional. In North America we have no working lights.  Quite the eye sore if they dont do anything. 

  • @Joseph Cardenas Do you have actual light there, but no wiring?

  • No light bulbs there in the US. Only for the reverse light.  
    Im hoping I can use your rear light unit harness to accomplish this project without having to cut into any factory wires. Id skip the flasher part of the wiring, simply illuminating with the brake lights. Do you know if the MX-5 Rear light wires are the same in the 124Spider? 

  • @Joseph Cardenas yes, rear harnes is same for Fiat and MX-5

  • @mx5things ok great! Thanks for a swift reply! 

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