OBDII Headlight Initializer Dongles

  • Can you start making these?




    I never made any more after the first batch and people still message me about them, so the demand is there. I'll send you a pile of obdii connectors if you want them.

  • Yes, we can make them. It should produce three pulses using one click on the toggle switch?

  • How about just a plug, without any buttons, when plugged it produces three clicks to reset levelling, then it needs to be removed?

  • The ones I made didn't have any electronics, just a momentary pushbutton. The user has to get the timing right:




    Shortly after the ignition is turned on, the two pins must be shorted together 3 times. If it's not done soon enough , or if the pulses aren't timed correctly it doesn't work. I've only had to re-level my lights twice and did so without much fuss. I'm sure my pulses had plenty of bounce to them... something solid state would be more reliable, but this is really only needed after ride height changes.



  • You can hear the headlight motors whirring at the end of that video.

    People have been asking me on miata.net for more of them for a year after I made just 10 of them. I don't have time, nor the desire to pay the vendor fee over there, so someone else producing them doesn't bother me in the least.

  • I will have first batch next week

  • That was fast. I hope you sell a bunch of them.

  • First module is ready. It has little electroncs, so one click on the button will produce  stable sequence to initiate leveling.OBD prototype

  • Excellent. Will they be in your store soon? I'll refer anyone that asks me to build one to you.

  • @Patrick ONeal yes, probably next week. I sent this first unit to the customer for a test.


  • @mx5things Looking forward to trying this out as soon as I receive it!

  • I recieved the first OBDC Headlight initializer dongle today. It works like a charm! Another great product! It took only a minute or two to install and run the re-calibration process. It should help many Forum members that do suspension work that impacts the headlight levels. No more trying to get the tricky manual jumper process to work. Thanks again for addressing our needs... 👍

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