Problem with ACC power controller

  • Hi gang/Sergey,


    Wanted to ask if anyone else had a problem with their ACC power controller not working anymore.

    I had it installed a while ago and it worked as it should. But now I just installed the Automatic Roll up windows controller + Key fob (harness was rewired for RHD) and the ACC power controller stopped working. The radio will now switch off as soon as I turn the ignition off.


    I also have the DRL harness installed but I wouldn't think this would affect anything.


    Anyway, has anyone who bought the ACC power controller and auto roll up window controller encountered this problem at all? Looking for solutions if possible lol.



  • It could be an issue with the RHD harness, bad connection from door contact. Could you try to remove the RHD harness and also check if all contacts on the harness are populated the same way as on the car cable?

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