When will the rear sequential lights for MX-5 ST/RF be available again?

    Unfortunately we can't find enough  components (high power LEDs) for the next batch, nobody has it in stock until October. Standard lead time 16-20 weeks for these.
    Probably by the end of year we can restart production.

  • Hi, I assume this also goes for the “running“ lights version? I noticed there is no estimated date for that version on the order page.

  • I will be buying these for the second time as soon as they are available. There are a few other things on my wish list, is it worth waiting to avoid paying for 2 shipping fees? 

  • Unfortunately we were not able to secure enough components for the next batch, not sure if we will be able to do it in the future.

  • @mx5things 😢

  • Finally placed order for components, estimated delivery time mid January 2021, but it could be sooner.

  • @mx5things fantastic timing...was just about to buy one of the other versions, but will definately wait for these (and hopefully the running version will come at the same time as well!)

  • Components finally shipped. We should have assembled units first week of February.

  • Got PCBs assembled today, now need to program and test. Next week it will be available in store.

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