Windows Controller with Key Fob control cable for RHD owners

  • We found that RHD cars should have modified harness. All pending orders from the UK, Japan, Australia will get the correct modified cable. Orders which already shipped, unfortunately, will get the wrong one. We will replace.

    Orders for windows controller  (SKU WS2-1-ST) without Key Fob control cable is not affected. Same cable for LHD and RHD cars

    It is also possible to modify yourself, just relocate two wires on both connectors

  • ? Is the pic above back to front? My lead looks like this.  What do I have to change?

  • @Jeff Temple-Heald 

    two wires need to be repositioned

  • Would this solve the issue I had with the auto windows module?

    Being modified for RHD cars.

  • @Craig Brown This cable is not related to issues in the previous version, but software upgrade definitely would.

  • @mx5things  sounds good.

    how do I go about getting the software upgrade?

  • @Craig Brown all our dealers can do a software upgrade, but you need to ship your unit. Are you in UK?

  • Apparently, MX-5 RHD has little different wires configuration from Fiat. It has the same number of wires as LHD, just two wires in a different position. I'm not sure if Fiat LHD is exactly the same as MX-5 LHD. Pictures above are for Fiat only

  • @mx5things  I'm in Australia.

    If you give me an address I can ship the module (module only I assume not the cable).

    How would I pay for return shipping?


  • @Craig Brown I see, we can ship a new one as soon we get a new batch in stock.

  • @mx5things thank you.

    Happy to pay to ship mine to you and back though if that speeds things up.

  • I purchase the Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller, with the optional Key fob option for the Mazda Mx5 ND recently. I installed it today with very little problems except the key fob option does not appear to work correctly. The windows up and down with the roof seems fine.


    When double clicking on the unlock key fob the windows would go down as expected. But when locking the car with a double click the windows would not raises as they now should. I also noticed the drivers side door would no longer lock on a single click, but only a double click. The locking of the drivers door does worry me, as I would not like to leave the car unlocked. I have now removed the extra lead for the key bob and the roof and windows combinations seems to be fine.


    I bought this yesterday, so I am assuming it is the latest version of the RHD lead?

  • @Stephen Martin 

    Apparently there are different configurations for RHD cars, locking mechanisms with 2 wires, and with 3 wires. We found that most Fiat RHD cars have 3 wires configuration and some MX-5 (basic trims). Currently we are shipping RHD cables only for 2 wire option, with connector looking like this:

    Green and Yellow wires are used for lock/unlock actuators. If the connection has 3 wires, like in the picture below, our defalt harness will not work.

    Yellow wire positioned in a different slot and there is additional blue wire, which we don't have in our harness.

    We ordered new harnesses from our supplier and expect them in 2-3 weeks.

    Alternative solution will be direct taping to the Yellow and Green wire and not to use our harness at all. All we need is a connection of Red wire from 2 pin connector to the Green wire and Black wire to the Yellow one.

    Window controller is using these wires only for sensing lock/unlock status and will not interfere with operation in any case, even if two pin connectors are left unplugged.


  • Key Fob control cable with Posi-Tap connectors now available for ordering separately.

  • Hi there,

    Before reading this very helpful forum, I ordered the key fob harness to go with a new window controller for my 124 Spider here in the UK. As explained here in this thread, the key fob harness doesn't work. In order to get it working, is it a simple case of cutting out the two connectors then adding positap connectors to the red and black wires and then follow the instructions in this thread?



  • @Steve Capon correct, just cut 2 long (red/black) wires from the harness and attach them to yellow/green with Posi-Tap or any other method.

  • @mx5things thank you for confirming

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