Future updates for windows controller

Do you like to have an auto-up feature for the driver side window, with one click?
Yes, it will be cool
19 votes
19 votes

I like it as is
0 votes
0 votes

I have another idea
1 votes
1 votes

Total: 20 votes

  • For Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller, it will be possible to implement one-click auto-up, for the driver side.

  • Here's a quick thought if possible. 

    Roll the windows down if you press and hold the unlock button that is on the door. So it rolls down while you get into the car. Press and hold again to roll windows up(locking)? 

    But then again it will be finicky if it auto locks. 

  • When will this option be available?  Thank you..

  • @Jeffrey Pitman I will try as soon we get a new batch of controllers.

  • Standing by to buy another one of these when this feature is added--what's the best way to get notified when it's available?

  • I'm going to test tomorrow. 8/21/2020

  • I have an experimental working version. Looking for a volunteer to try it.
    If you have already installed the controller, I can send an updated version without a harness. If you want to try new, please order standard version first
    please send inquires to info@mx5things.com

  • @Gregory McDaniel Let us know, how it works for you

  • Everything seems fine so far, working as designed. 

    The one-click auto-up really rounds out the features on this product.  I upgraded from the initial version of it and also now have the remote up/down feature.  Thanks for making the windows work like they should!


  • Is this up and running (auto-up) on the newest version we can buy from your store?

  • @LostInInaka By default this feature is not included, you can ask after placing order to add this.

  • Would it be possible to have the driver's side window switches have auto-up for both the driver's side and passenger side windows?

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