Windows Controller Software Update

  • In the initial release of MX5things Windows Controller, the default behavior of windows selected by integrated switch. Automatic windows roll down or roll up when the top opens selectable by switch position.

    New software release has the capability to change this setting anytime, without physical access to the module. To program default behavior, follow 3 steps:

    1. Unlock the soft top latch. Leave it in this position. Windows will go down 4 inches.

    2. Click on the driver side switch, to move windows a little. To make windows automatically go down every time, click down. To make windows automatically go up, click up.

    3. Lock the soft top in the fully open position. Now the module will remember default settings. Windows will go down or up depending on the configuration.

    Software updates can be done at MX5things or at international dealer's offices. The update also includes all bug fixes (instability of operation) found in the initial release.


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