New product in development (with OLED screen)

  • I restarted my old project - replacing the airbag warning sign with the OLED screen.

    Screen resolution 256x64, white with 16 grayscale levels.

    The new module will not require any soldering, just insert as a current product.

    Software updates over Bluetooth, using an iPhone or Android device.

    Two pushbuttons with programable functions available.

    In the first release, it will have selectable bitmaps, time display, or cabin temperature.

    Feel free to post here any features you want from this device.


  • my focus is on touring so what i would like to see in the car is a total running time hour meter, trip meter that is resetable for elapsed time, altitude and direction of travel feature. things like water temperature or oil pressure are of little interest to me

  • That would be a cool place for a digital boost gauge ! 

  • This is a great idea! I'd love to see an oil temp display, with the ability to set a limit warning that would trigger a flashing light. I'm sure you will have a TON of takers for this, myself included.

    Keep up the great work! 

  • I'd like a line-level audio input and a couple of audio visualizations - spectrum analyzer (via FFT) and VU meters. I'd pay too much money for that.

    And/or -- offer the display and mounting hardware alone, in addition to the integrated, refined product you're working on. Fit and finish is the hard part for lots of electronics enthusiasts.

  • @issacCMU has no audio output, what audio source you are envisioning? It will not be possible to add an extra connector, due to limited space, but my device is BlueTooth based, so theoretically possible to make an analyzer from BT audio.

  • I'd feed line-level audio in from my custom audio install. Many/most aftermarket amps have line-level outputs so you can chain them; would be easy to run that to the display.

    No connector would be necessary from my perspective; just a couple of pads to solder onto.

    My thinking is that the fundamental hardware -- display, MCU, power supply, mounting/trim -- is the same for so many potential applications. The difference is almost exclusively in the firmware. Why not open up as many options as  possible?

    Realizing that my desired purpose is likely among the less-common, I suggested making the display and trim available as parts. I could do the rest on my own easily enough.

  • Would this module have a cable that runs to the OBDII like how the ScanGuageII works?

    If so could it provide selectable functions like the Headlight Initializer, or the mod that makes the Tach spin on startup. Would be really awesome if it was able do the thing with the windows all the way up/down through OBDII, oh well. Displaying OBDII codes on errors would be really cool, no scanner needed.

    Being able to turn options off would be good, or reuse that screen space for something the user would find more useful/important. Example, I would not use it for a clock. Time is on the Connect screen, and on my wrist which is far closer to the driving workspace, than having to look down.

    It might also be useful to have icons for the passenger SRS/seatbelt stuff, that the screen would be replacing. If that connector could be reused? Are those indicators required by law in some places?

    I love the analyzer idea, if there was a way of getting that data  easily.

  • Another idea:

    Could this be used to power and control footwell lighting? Maybe just a single RGB LED pod for driver and passenger side. Low power ambient glow at night. Possibly read the signal from the  ambient light sensor?

    Some other lighting systems require tapping into existing wires; while I can do this, I don't like it.

  • @Chris Cook

    Because this module is designed as an insert for indicator panel (air bag warning display), there is no wiring available. The only communication method is Bluetooth.

    Windows system in MX-5 has no connection to CAN bus. No CAN wires going through door harness

  • @mx5things If there's no wiring.. how is it powered? Does it have it's own battery?

  • @Chris Cook It is powered from internal board, 12V, using spring loaded contacts.

  • Any progress on the display? Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  • @Doug Kott yes, second revision of PCB is coming next week. Still way to go, but it will be done.

  • Hi, any progress on the display?

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