Using multiple products on the rear harness

  • We often get this question:

    "I'm interested in purchasing the red strip LED tail lighting for my 2019 ND-2 but need to know if it's compatible with the FM Sequential LED rear turn signals that I already have installed in my car? Would its addition overload the circuit causing the fuse to trip? "

    It is fine to plug one harness to another, it will not affect tail lights, because all the wires going straight from one connector to another. Power consumption of LED strip way below the tripping point of the tail lights fuse. 

  • Thanks for posting this. It's the exact configuration I have. Additional questions:

    1. Should the LED strip be plugged in before or after the sequential LED harness?
    2. When will the LED strip light up?

    I tested the LED harness plugged in both before and after the sequential turn signal harness. Both worked, so I settled on before.

    I've only seen the LED strip turn on momentaily (~30s?) after pressing the lock/unlock buttons on the remote fob. Possible it may turn on at other times but it's hard to tell from the driver's seat. Sometimes I can see the reflection of my car in the shiny bumper of a truck or van, via the rear view mirror. The LED strip doesn't appear to stay on when driving, regardless of the position of the light switch.

  • @Tim Kurkoski

    1- any combination is fine, no difference.

    2 - LED strip connected to tail lights (parking light), so it will light up whenever parking lights are on.

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