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Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller - MX5things

Automatic Roll-Up Windows Controller

  • $99.00

Note: This product release delayed due to the coronavirus situation in California. Stay tuned.

Plug-and-Play kit for automatic lowering/closing windows during operation with a convertible top. Additionally, the windows can be operated by the Key Fob (optional cable).

Supported (by internal switch) options:

  • windows going up after the top is open
  • windows going down after opening the top

Windows will go all the way up after the convertible top is locked.

With optional Key Fob Control cable, double-click on the "Unlock" button will lower the windows all the way down and double-click on the "Lock" button will raise the windows all the way up.

Designed and produced by MX5things.


Installation Guide

Designed for Soft Top only.