Sequential Turning Light

This project was inspired by the work of Kenji Ganakuto on YouTube .

He has actually cut the light unit with an ultrasonic cutter, to install LEDs there, which is quite a complicated process.

I decided to design a simple bulb replacement instead. After taking a closer look at the light unit design, I found that I can fit there a 4″ long LED light to produce a similar effect. Continue reading

Key fob controlled windows

Sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to open windows remotely, especially on a hot day, to let hot air out.

With my window switch modification for the automatic roll up feature, the only issue was operation when the car’s power is off.  Finally, I was able to figure out how to wake up the window switch remotely, which provided an opportunity to add control from the remote key fob. Continue reading

Adding a new switch

While working on a new project, I needed an additional switch to control my device. The MX-5 2016 ST has a place holder for the switch, which in the RF model is used to control the roof closing/opening. I decided to use this place holder to add my own switch. On the Miata forum  there was some discussion about the possibility of adding new switches, but no real implementation yet. Continue reading