Trunk lid popper


I like the trunk mechanism on the Audi A3 2015 car. The trunk opens all the way up by remote. When you’re carrying groceries it is very convenient. I usually carry two bags for my work commute and the MX-5 trunk will only open an inch or so, causing me to have to put my bags down to open the lid all the way. After a closer look at the current mechanism, I thought it would be easy to add a couple of torsion springs, to help the trunk lid open-up all the way, by remote. Continue reading

Key fob controlled windows

Sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to open windows remotely, especially on a hot day, to let hot air out.

With my window switch modification for the automatic roll up feature, the only issue was operation when the car’s power is off.  Finally, I was able to figure out how to wake up the window switch remotely, which provided an opportunity to add control from the remote key fob. Continue reading

Check fuel! Reminder

MX-5 2016 does not make any sounds when warnings lights come out, as other cars do.

I have to commute everyday 70 miles roundtrip. Not paying attention to the fuel gauge at the beginning of my commute, the yellow warning light sometimes sneaks up on me; at times while on the freeway … This is especially annoying during busy “stop and go” traffic, on the way back home. Continue reading