Automatic Roll-Up Windows – Part 2

My windows switch modification for automatic roll-up windows became a very popular mod among Miata enthusiasts. However, the original modification, for most people, was somewhat difficult due to high precision soldering. To make it more accessible, I designed an external controller with a wire harness, which is now an easy plug-n-play setup.

switch with harness2

The new controller has a little switch for selecting windows behavior during opening the top. Some people would prefer the windows to automatically go down, while others prefer the windows to go all the way up.

It will also be possible to control the windows with Key Fob when my AIO module is installed.

The new plug-n-play windows controller for Soft Top is available soon in my store.

RF option will be available later.

Installation Guide v0.1

9 thoughts on “Automatic Roll-Up Windows – Part 2

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  2. That’s an awesome mod. I love the ability to use the key fob. On a separate subject, any chance for a mod that would enable a key fob operation of a Smart Top on an RF?


  3. Really looking forward to this and the keyfob part. In fact, I am building an entire order list of goodies from your store. Keep up the amazing work!


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